Children's clothing, baby clothes, stories and family gifts from Baby Bird Productions.
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Here are answers to the questions that are frequently asked
about our website, which sells fun, colorful children's clothing
and baby clothes, such as baby creepers, T-shirts and kids'
sweatshirts, plus matching adult-sized clothing so that families
can have fun dressing in sets, and cheerful gift items such as
throw pillows, Teddy bears, mugs and tote bags. We also create
our own fully illustrated large paperback children's picture 
books. Lastly, we have special shops for our bird and animal
fine art prints and for clothing and gifts with all sorts of designs 
for the entire family.
The questions have been divided by topic so that, if you wish,     
you can click directly on the topic of your choice.

Find children's stories, children's picture books, children's clothing and gifts, plus draw and tell story collections from Baby Bird Productions. Bird image.
Find children's stories, children's picture books, children's clothing and gifts, plus draw and tell story collections from Baby Bird Productions. Bird image.
Does your site include anything that is not suitable
for children ?
Our site is 100% childsafe. Parents may comfortably allow children
to view our site and all of our material is suitable for kids.
What sorts of pictures do you put on the clothing and
gift items that you sell, and can you personalize products
for individuals ?
We have all sorts of designs in our shops, from animals, to clowns,
to fairy tale and Mother Goose characters, to trains, to story pictures,
and so much more ! In addition to our general shop sections related
to children's clothing, or to baby clothing, or to fun matching kids'
and parents' clothing, or to all sorts of fun gift items, we also have
several theme-related shop areas.

For example, we have lots of special designs that celebrate love for
family members, with colorful hearts that shout "I Love Mommy,"
"I Love Grandpa," and the like. We have brightly colored alphabet
clothing that can make learning into an exciting game. We have a
special shop just for twins, too, and you can visit our holiday shop
for adorable designs for Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, or whatever
holiday is soon approaching. You can find everything by visiting our
STOREFRONT or by using our links sidebar to see a list of links to the
various parts of our shops.

Yes, we can personalize items for a small additional charge. Also,
if you would like to buy one of our current designs, as is, but do not
see it on the item of clothing that you wish to order (for example,
you like that tiger picture, but it does not come on baby bibs), you
can contact us and we can put the picture onto the desired item, if
available, for no extra charge. If you don't see what you want
already in our shops, you can contact us at: .

To see large samples of the pictures that can be found on our
children's clothing, baby clothes, matching family clothing and
gifts, please visit our COLORFUL PICTURES page. You can even
read some FUNNY PRODUCT POEMS, if you like.
What formats do your stories come in ?
We create our own fully illustrated children's picture books 
which are available as paperback books on Amazon. Find stories 
such as HOME TO MANY CATS, about a houseful of sweet cats, HENS 
IN A HURRY, an amusing counting book about some adventure-
loving hens, and A MORE HUMANE MOTHER GOOSE, which retells 
many familiar nursery rhymes with a focus on kindness and 
compassion. Each picture book also includes a related bonus
draw and tell story, where a picture develops as the story is told.

We also produce our own draw and tell stories, which are available 
as a series of paperback books. Every volume includes 10-12 draw 
and tell stories where a picture develops as each story is told to 
children. These stories are great for entertaining kids at home,
parties, libraries, schools or anytime. They are a welcome resource 
for children's librarians, teachers, homeschoolers, parents, 
grandparents, child care professionals and babysitters, as well as
for older kids who would like to amuse their younger siblings.

We also have a shop that has other fun items like T-shirts and
sweatshirts and tote bags and mugs, all decorated with our
artwork (CHILDREN'S CLOTHING SHOP) so you can put together 
your own unique gift sets for the kids in your life.
Why does your site focus on sweet pictures for clothing
and gift items, and on stories about cooperation and
kindness ?
I believe that children's attitudes are shaped by a variety
of influences - from parents to teachers to schoolmates to
television... to stories. Anything that children are exposed to
may make a lasting impression. With so much conflict and
violence in the world and in the media that children come
into contact with daily, I feel that more positive messages
are needed. I avoid violent or really frightening clothing
designs or stories and try to emphasize cooperation,
sharing, kindness, and acceptance of others. I feel that
compassion should also extend to the other species with
whom we share this planet, so I also make pictures and write 
stories about treating animals with kindness and respect.
Can we expect to see more stories on your site
in the future ?
We'll be adding more stories as time allows, so
please remember to "bookmark" our site or add
us to your "favorites" !
What other types of things do you offer on your sites ?
In addition to children's stories, Baby Bird Productions has other
shops that sell different types of fun products that are decorated
with our colorful original artwork. These include a CLOTHING SHOP
with T-shirts and sweatshirts and such, plus FUN STUFF GIFTS
like tote bags, clocks, and mugs. We even have a special BABY SHOP
with baby crawlers, bibs, T-shirts and Teddy bears, plus we have 
FINE ART PRINTS of birds and wildlife.
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Does your site offer anything that's free ?
Yes, it does. We have many FREE FUN GAMES AND EDUCATIONAL
ACTIVITIES FOR CHILDREN, including such things as projects that
help develop children's reading and writing skills, craft ideas, and
tips for helping animals, plus some FREE VERY BRIEF CHILDREN'S
full of tips for helping children reach their potential both in school
and in creative endeavors, and TEACHERS' RESOURCES PAGES 
with free educational worksheets to print out. We also have our
own BABY BIRD EGG BLOG that discusses all sorts of parenting
and other topics.

In addition, we have a PICTURE GALLERY with big sample pictures
from present and future paperback picture books and, in connection
with our children's clothing and gift items, we have some FUNNY
PRODUCT POEMS to read and pretty BIG PICTURE SAMPLES to look at.
Why aren't all of your pages the same color ?
Our pages are color-coded to make it easier for you to know
where you are on our site. Pages that are about the items
we sell or that give information about our website (such
as FAQ) are beige; our shop where you can purchase kids'
clothing and gifts uses a deeper shade of salmon; and (except
for the teacher worksheets) our free content pages are bright
yellow. The pages with big story picture samples have
different page colors for different stories.
Children's stories and fairy tales from Baby Bird Productions. A photo of Barbara performing a fairy tale, wearing a long nose.
Who are you ?
We are Barbara Freedman-De Vito and Bob De Vito. I, Barbara,
create all of the children's stories and artwork and other materials
available on our products and on this website and the work of
animating each illustrated story is done by my husband, Bob.
Together we run Baby Bird Productions and maintain our website
and shops. You can visit WHO WE ARE to learn more about us.
Are you qualified in any way to be writing stories for
children or creating artwork or educational activities ? 
I've been creating stories and artwork and projects for
children since the 1970s. I have a degree in Fine Arts
and certification as an art teacher. I also have a Master's
degree in Library Science with a concentration in the study
of children's literature. I've spent many years as a teacher and
children's librarian, helping kids choose quality books and
creating storytelling programs, puppet shows, art and creative
writing workshops for children. I've also conducted workshops
for university students, teachers and librarians on the arts of 
storytelling, puppetry and creative work with children. In 
addition, I've performed for kids of all ages at castles, parks,
libraries, and birthday parties in the U.S.A., England and France.
For these storytelling performances, I've written most of the 
tales and created most of the props that I've used.
Where do your pictures on clothing and your story
ideas come from ?
I draw whatever interests me at any given moment. I like
to focus on sweet designs that will bring a smile to children
and adults, alike. My pictures are never vulgar or offensive.
Some of the pictures that appear on our clothing and gift
items actually come from my storytelling performances,
where I've sometimes included stories using pictures and props
that I've created by cutting up tiny pieces of colored felt and
gluing them together to create characters and animals and
various objects. These creations in colored felt have now
been scanned into our computer to create a uniquely
textured effect in certain designs. As to my original stories,
some are inspired by my own experiences or by animals
I have known, but most come from my imagination.
Sometimes I also like to write my own versions of fairy
tales and folk tales from around the world.
Why is your site called "Baby Bird" ?
Our site is named for a beautiful pigeon who was called
Bucky. He was an orphaned baby bird back in 1978 when
we took him in and raised him, planning to set him free
as soon as he was able to care for himself. Unfortunately,
a defective wing prevented him from flying and safely 
living in the wild. So he lived with us, until his death in
1996. Because his memory and our love for him live on,
we have named this website in his honor. 
How do I know you are a legitimate business ?
We are incorporated as a legally registered business
(corporate identification number 514 535 186)
and use secure servers, as noted below.
Find children's stories, children's picture books, children's clothing and gifts, plus draw and tell story collections from Baby Bird Productions. Bird image.
Is my credit card information secure ?
Payments are never made directly to us. Transactions are
handled by such well-established companies as Amazon for
our books and CaféPress for clothing and gift items.
Where do you deliver and what currencies can I
pay in ?
We at Baby Bird never see your credit card information.
Transactions are secure and are handled by CaféPress
or Amazon. Any currency's credit cards are welcome
and your credit card company will convert the payment.
Do you share personal visitor information
with other businesses ?
No, we respect the privacy of our visitors and do not sell
mailing lists or otherwise share personal information.
How long will it take for my order to be processed ?
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Amazon normally processes orders very quickly.
Any questions should be addressed directly to them.

CaféPress orders for clothing, fine art prints and all other products are normally processed and shipped within a few days. They handle all aspects of the ordering process and any questions related to pending orders. For more information, visit the CAFEPRESS help center.
What is your refund policy ?
For current policies, Amazon and CaféPress should
be consulted directly. 
Find children's stories, children's picture books, children's clothing and gifts, plus draw and tell story collections from Baby Bird Productions. Bird image.
Children's stories and fairy tales from Baby Bird Productions. A photo of Barbara with her monkey puppet.
Children's stories and fairy tales from Baby Bird Productions. A photo of Bob giving Lucky, the orphaned pigeon, a flying lesson.
Can I submit my own artwork or story for possible
publication on your products or site ?
We're afraid that we are unable to accept any pictures
or story submissions and we cannot open any e-mail
attachments. We publish only our own materials.
How can I contact you ?
All questions or problems related to mail order
fulfillments should be addressed directly to CAFEPRESS
or AMAZON. If you have any other types of comments,
problems or questions that are not answered on this
site, we can be reached at :
Thank you for taking the time to look through this
page. We hope that we've answered any questions 
that you've had.
© Children's clothing, baby clothes and children's stories, plus clothing and unique gifts for the whole
family from Baby Bird Productions shops. Copyright: Barbara Freedman-De Vito, since 2003. This
site is protected by copyright internationally. All rights reserved.
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