Dog breeds are here for lovers of golden retrievers, collies, poodles, huskies, sheepdogs, German
shepherds, beagles, other special breeds of dogs and good old lovable mutts. You'll find fun T-shirts,
cozy sweatshirts, warm hoodies, plus other adult and children's clothing and baby clothes. We also
carry unique dog gifts for dog lovers in our clothing and gift shops dedicated to favorite dog breeds.
EACH DOG BREED HAS ITS OWN SPECIAL SHOP, plus we have an extra shop with a more general
I LOVE DOGS design, as seen below.

Dog breeds I love dogs sample

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•Our I LOVE DOGS T-shirts and other clothing come with lively silhouettes of each canine breed, all drawn by artist
and animal lover, Barbara Freedman-De Vito. Unique dog gifts combining words with sharp canine graphics include
tote bags, fridge magnets, doggie buttons, dogs on mugs, pet throw pillows, canine journals, attractive framed tiles
and keepsakes like tiled wooden boxes for storing your favorite pet photos and more. We have cute Teddy bears
who wear tiny matching doggie T-shirts, and how about a doggie journal to track your puppy or dog's daily antics ?
What about an I LOVE MY GOLDEN RETRIEVER pillow to lay in the bed of your golden retriever, for example ?

•You can create unique gift sets by mixing and matching striking T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, jerseys, caps and
other adult apparel, children's clothing, baby clothes and more great items, all decorated with a silhouette of your 
one favorite canine breed or with our multiple breeds design. Alternately, you might purchase several different I
LOVE MY DOG breeds designs to start a collection of doggie mugs or canine magnets and such for yourself, or to
give to all the animal lovers you know. All our pet design shops share one single shopping basket, so you can
purchase animal lover adult and children's clothing and fun gifts with many different designs, all using a single
checkout procedure.

•We'll be creating additional I LOVE MY DOG breeds plus other pet species, so visit us from time to time. If you
can't find your favorite breeds or species, please let us know because we can create designs for any animals you
want. We can personalize clothing and unique dog gifts, too, by adding your pet photos or your pet's name or
other words. You can contact us at

Below are just a few examples of the types of dog gifts, T-shirts and other clothing we offer:

Dog breeds tote bagsYorkies Yorkshire terriers T-shirtsLab dog breed Labrador retrievers on capsCollies T-shirts

Westies dogs West Highland terriers on T-shirtsI love my mutt dog breeds teesBeagle dogs messenger bagsPoodles sweatshirts

Golden retrievers dog gifts like tile boxesOld English sheepdogss on baby clothesBulldogs gifts of magnetsCoton de Tulears clothing

To find all our I LOVE MY DOG breeds shops, please click here.

To personalize any dog breeds gifts or clothing with your photos or with someone's name or other words, please
e-mail us at
Thank you for checking out our dog breeds shops. We have other family-oriented shops that you may also
enjoy. They all share a single shopping cart so you can buy apparel and canine gifts from all our family
shops with just one simple checkout and payment.
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I LOVE MY DOG breeds on adult and children's clothing and baby clothes and canine design keepsakes from Baby Bird
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