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Children's clothing, baby clothes logo.
by Barbara Freedman-De Vito
You know you love your family,
So why not tell them so,
With clothing from our special shop
That's ready, set to go ?

We've pretty hearts that say things like
"I Love My Family."
They're full of color, sweet and fun,
And cute as cute can be !

For parents there's "I Love My Kids,"
"I Love My Family," too.
They come on grown-ups' T-shirts
That are waiting just for you.

We also have some just for kids:
For babies, toddlers,... ooh...
Now don't forget your preschoolers,
And older children who

Would like to show their love for you
All through their busy day
With T-shirts that just burst with hearts
And words your kids would say,

Like "I Love Mommy," for a start,
And "I Love Daddy," sure,
There's "I Love Grandma" and what's more,
There's "I Love Grandpa,"... er...

There's lots more people they can love
And, yes, we've got them all,
Like aunts and uncles, cousins, too,
So come on, have a ball !

For siblings try our sister tops -
Big sis and little win.
Of course, same goes for brothers and
We'll even dress a twin.

And just in case you're wondering,
We haven't left out pets.
"I Love My Cat," "I Love My Dog"
Can make such happy sets.

You may decide you all should match.
"I Love My Family"
Can go on kids and mom and dad,
Plus mugs, so colorfully.

So make a splash the next time you've
A family picnic planned,
Just buy some for the ones you love
And then you'll all look grand !

Family Love Clothing: "I Love My Family" T-shirt.
Family Love Clothing: "I Love Mommy" T-shirt.
Family Love Clothing: "I Love My Big Brother"  baby creeper.
Family Love Clothing: "I Love My Cat" T-shirt.
Children's clothing, baby clothes logo.
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Children's clothing, baby clothes logo.
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