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Here are 10 ways characters from your favorite
children's stories can come to life through ART.
1.  Children's stories can come to life if you pick your favorite story characters and draw
      portraits of them or draw timelines or scenes of special events in the characters' lives.
2.  Create a fancy family tree for each character in your favorite children's story.
3.  Pick a children's story you love and create sock puppets of the main characters, then
      put on a puppet play of the story or of what might happen after the real story ends. 
4.  Find a great children's story and use old clothing and scrap cloth to make costumes
     and then act the story out as a play.
5.  Sculpt a likeness of your favorite children's story character in soap or clay or paper
6.  Using characters or objects that are important in a children's story, make a mobile to
     hang in your room. You can make the pieces by drawing them on paper and coloring
     both sides of them and then hanging them from a coat hanger. (You can even use real
     objects that are related to the story, if they're lightweight enough.) 
7.  Make cookies shaped like your favorite story characters or bake a cake and decorate it
      to look like the star of the children's story.
8.  Children's stories take place in particular places and times. Take a shoe box and build
     a diorama of the place where the story happens (a room, a town, a countryside, or
     whatever) or, using bigger boxes, create a realistic model of the place where your
     favorite character lives (like his or her house or castle or school).
9.  Have a party with your favorite children's story or stories as its theme. It could be
     a birthday party or a costume party where everyone dresses as characters and you
     all vote for your favorite. The cake and decorations can all go with the story if you use
     some of the other ideas on this list. 
10.Create your own website that's dedicated to your favorite children's story characters
      and fill it with your own artwork.  

We hope that you'll enjoy opening up your imagination and trying out these suggestions
about bringing your favorite children's stories and their characters to life - but please
remember that the authors of the original stories work very hard to create their special
magic for you and only they have the right to publish stories and other things about the
characters that they create. The ideas on this page are strictly for fun !

Don't forget that there are lots of other ways to celebrate your favorite children's stories
and characters, too. Here are a few: name your new pet after a character, collect objects
related to your story from flea markets and yard sales, join a fan club and visit websites
that are all about your favorite stories. 
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