Travel souvenirs plus nature photography and garden scenes appear on the children's clothing, adult clothes and
unique gifts that await you in our online clothing and gift shop. Try our travel souvenirs to help you hold onto your
special memories of trips taken or to complete souvenir shopping that you didn't have time for during your trip. Be
tempted by lovely atmospheric nature photography of places far away and by our magical garden scenes. Barbara 
Freedman-De Vito's travel photography can be found on clothing such as T-shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts and hoodies
for adults, children and babies, plus on a variety of inspiring travel souvenirs and unique nature photography gifts
like framed tiles, keepsakes, journal covers, mugs, steins, greeting cards, buttons, magnets, throw pillows, and tote
bags. Try a travel journal to record your travels to distant countries or a gardening journal to chart the progress of
your garden. Purchase sweet travel souvenirs of Teddy bears in T-shirts that match our adult and kids T-shirts. 

Create gift sets by choosing several travel souvenirs, like clothing and unique gifts all decorated with the same
travel or nature image, or mix and match to collect a set of mugs, T-shirts, tiles or magnets, for example, each
with a different picture. As our colorful nature and travel photography collection grows, we will soon have even
more travel souvenirs and nature photography available on children's clothing, adult clothing, baby clothes and
gifts, from quaint rural scenes to frosty gardens, famous tourist sites and other historical buildings. We can also
personalize travel souvenirs with your own travel or nature photos at: 
Travel souvenirs and nature scene gifts and clothing
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On your last trip to Europe, did you lack the time or the space in your luggage to buy all of the European travel
souvenirs you'd hoped to ? Well, don't fret. With our growing collection of travel photography, you can find great
T-shirts, sweatshirts and other adult-sized clothes and children's clothing, plus elegant or whimsical gift items to
complete your travel souvenir collection or to give as gifts. You might want to buy some items BEFORE your next
trip, like a special travel journal to use to record your thoughts and feelings during the trip. Keep travel memories
alive or collect travel souvenirs of unique gifts for a variety of foreign locales. Here are just a few examples of
the many unique travel souvenirs available in our travel shop:
Spain T-shirts
England trip buttons
Eiffel Tower, Paris jerseys
Spanish trip journals


Are you a fan of elegant nature photography ? We have picturesque nature scenes of places such as rural France
and we've put them onto lovely gift items, such as framed ceramic tiles ready for hanging, soft cushiony throw
pillows, mugs and steins, refrigerator magnets, journals and more, not to mention on adult-sized and children's
clothing like T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, as well. See some nature photography samples below:
French farm scene
Children's clothing with pond nature scenery
Unique gifts like countryside journals
African trip giraffe keepsake box


Try our classy coordinated four seasons gifts. Collect them or create thoughtful four seasons gift sets with a four
piece collection of four seasons throw pillows or four seasons mugs or framed tile art or other unique gift items. If
you prefer, you may want to give a different set of gifts with the arrival of each new season. Greet the spring with
our spring themed T-shirts, plus other spring clothing and gift items. Greet the summer with a new set of matching
summer gifts, the autumn with a third, and the winter with yet another set of matching four seasons clothing like
T-shirts, jerseys and sweatshirts, plus gift items for adults and children. Keep a separate journal to record your
reflections on nature for each season of the year. Send out greeting cards to celebrate each new season and
show faraway friends and family that they're in your thoughts: summer, autumn, winter or spring.
Four seasons summer mugs
Four seasons autumn countryside box.
Four seasons winter keepsakes
Four seasons spring black T-shirts
If you'd like any travel souvenirs or nature gifts personalized with someone's name, with some words, or with
your own photography, please contact us at:
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