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Mothers and fathers can have fun decorating children's bedrooms
and baby nurseries with our cute kid's wall clocks.

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Find kid's wall clocks with all sorts of cute clock designs for kids like jumproping rabbits on kid's wall clocks and
smiling fairy tale character kid's wall clocks, kid's wall clocks with the Country Mouse and the City Mouse, rainbow
birds on clocks, Goldilocks kid's wall clocks, silly dragon wall clocks, chicks on kid's wall clocks, funny clowns on
kid's clocks, trains on kid's wall clocks, sun and moon kid's wall clocks, kid's wall clocks with the Seven Dwarfs,
colorful alphabets on kid's wall clocks, dinosaur kid's wall clocks, and kid's wall clocks with Mother Goose scenes.
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Edwardian rabbits kid's wall clocksFairy tale friends kids wall clockCountry Mouse children's wall clocks City Mouse kid's wall clockMedieval market wall clock for childrenLife can be a rainbow children's wall clocks Rainbow bird kid's wall clockLittle Red Riding Hood wall clock for a child Goldilocks wall clock for a kid The Three Bears children's wall clock The Seven Dwarfs kid's wall clocksMary, Mary, Quite Contrary wall clocks for a child Three-headed dragon wall clocks for childrenFairy tale characters wall clock for a kidPigs at a banquet wall clocks for children Hatching chick wall clock for a childAnimal friends kids wall clockPigeon in flight kids wall clock Kindness to animals kid's wall clocksCircus clown kids wall clocksLet's clown around circus clowns wall clocks for children All aboard choo-choo train kid's wall clockChoo-choo train locomotive children's wall clockSteam train engine kids wall clocks Puppeteer and her puppets wall clocks for childrenSmiling moon kids wall clockHappy sun wall clock for a child I love dinosaurs kids wall clockDino-Might dinosaur children's room wall clockBeauty and the Beast fairy tale kid's wall clock Cinderella fairy tale wall clock for childrenJack and the Beanstalk fairy tale kid's wall clocksGoldilocks and the Three Bears fairy tale kid's wall clocks Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale wall clocks for childrenSleeping Beauty fairy tale children's wall clocksMother Goose nursery rhyme kids wall clocks Wee Willie Winkie Mother Goose nursery rhyme wall clock for a childLittle Bo Peep Mother Goose nursery rhyme kids wall clockOld King Cole Mother Goose nursery rhyme kids wall clocks Animal ABC alphabet children's wall clocksColorful alphabet children's wall clocksHealthy food ABC alphabet kids wall clocks Everyday objects ABC alphabet wall clock for a child Kids care about animals kid's wall clocks
All our kid's wall clocks have artwork created by artist, storybook
author, children's librarian and teacher, Barbara Freedman-De Vito.
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In this Baby Bird Productions shop parents can find cute decorating ideas for children's bedrooms and the baby's nursery. In addition
to our range of kid's wall clocks, mothers and fathers can find our own unique designs on framed art prints, elegant framed ceramic
tiles and throw pillows that any child will love. Parents and grandparents can choose from plenty of mugs and steins that make fun
pencil holders or that can hold other small objects belonging to a child. Mothers and fathers will love using our tote bags to organize
and neatly store children's alphabet blocks, toys, books and other special childhood objects. Our lovely ceramic tile and wooden
boxes can hold the smallest of childhood keepsakes, such as collectible cards that children love, children's jewelry, marbles, dried
flowers, baby teeth or other special little treasures that were given to children by their parents and grandparents. Our soft huggable
Teddy bears even wear little T-shirts that are printed with our designs for kids. Any parent or child would love our great variety of fun

Parents may also create original gift sets for children by mixing and matching a variety of items from our shop. Mothers and fathers can create a special set of items all displaying the same child friendly graphic, say a set that includes a choo-choo train throw pillow, a train mug and a train wall clock. Conversely, parents and grandparents might build a colorful collection of different framed tiles or a collection of several mugs or purchase lots of throw pillows, for example, with each item in a set sporting a different fanciful image. Mothers and fathers and grandparents can have a ball choosing adorable gifts for the children in their lives.

We can even personalize gift items for parents and grandparents by adding a child's name, other words, or photos to any item. Just contact us at
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well, all sharing a single shopping cart so that parents can buy clothing and gifts from any of these family shops with just one
simple checkout and payment procedure.
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T-shirts, sweatshirts and other clothing for parents and children, plus fun gift items, all decorated with colorful designs,
photos or words related to subjects such as BIRTHDAYS, ANIMALS, TRAINS, ASTRONOMY, JOBS and loads more
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Mothers and fathers should check out our parenting pages which contain many articles for parents on parenting topics such as why reading skills are so important for children, how parents can help a child succeed in school, parenting advice on how mothers and fathers can help children develop their creativity, and baby names.
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