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Our kids room wall art shop carries adorable baby and kids room art prints, baby and children's wall clocks
and other nursery and kids room decor items to decorate baby nurseries and boys and girls bedrooms.

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All our artwork is drawn by artist, storybook author, children's librarian and teacher, Barbara Freedman-De Vito.
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Kids room wall art framed prints Kids room wall clocks
Children's tiny treasure tiled wooden boxes Children's tote bags room organizers
Kids mugs or pencil holders Kids room wall art framed ceramic tiles
Kids bedroom throw pillows Baby and children's Teddy bears
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Wall art, wall clocks and more await you in this Baby Bird Productions shop which features cute decorating ideas for
children's bedrooms and the baby's nursery. You'll find fun kids wall art and baby wall art in the form of framed art
prints and uniquely elegant framed ceramic tiles. You'll also find baby and kids wall clocks and throw pillows. Try our
range of cute mugs and steins which are perfect for holding pens and pencils or for organizing other small items in
children's bedrooms. Our tote bags can be used to organize and store toys, blocks, picture books and other important
childhood treasures. Speaking of treasures, we also carry beautiful small wooden boxes with ceramic tile tops to hold
your child's most precious tiny keepsakes, such as baby teeth, marbles, dried flowers, jewelry or collectible cards. We
even carry huggable Teddy bears who sport little T-shirts that are printed with our designs.

You can create unique gift sets by mixing and matching items from our shop. You might put together a coordinated set of items all bearing the same image, such as a clown treasure box plus throw pillow and wall clock. You might also start a collection of several mugs or pillows or framed ceramic tiles displaying different images. Try a set of fairy tale silhouette tiles or alphabet tote bags, for example.

We can personalize gift items, too, by adding your child's name, other words, or a photo. You can contact us at :

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Kid's room wall art,  kids T-shirts, children's clothing, baby clothes and family gifts  from Baby Bird Productions.
Copyright: Barbara Freedman-De Vito, since 2003. All rights reserved.