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ANIMALS ALPHABET: Learning the alphabet is as easy as "A, B, Tee"
with our fun, colorful alphabet clothing and gifts for children, parents
and teachers. This animals alphabet can be found on these items:

baby & toddler T-shirts
children's T-shirts

children's sweatshirts

adult-sized T-shirts

adult-sized sweatshirts

tote bags

throw pillows

See all of our
This animals alphabet appears on children's clothing, parents' clothing and unique gifts.
  This animals alphabet word list appears on children's clothing, parents' clothes and unique gifts.
In the alphabet section
of our shop, you'll find
the big alphabet (as
seen above) on the
fronts of many bright
and colorful T-shirts,
sweatshirts and gifts.
You'll find the word
list (as seen to the
left) on the backs of
those same alphabet 
T- shirts, sweatshirts
and gifts.
Four different alphabets
are available in our shop.
Click on these links to see
big picture samples of
each alphabet:
• an animals alphabeta healthy foods alphabet   
   (suitable for vegetarians)
• everyday objects alphabeta colorful alphabet
Mix and match our colorful
alphabet clothing and gifts.
Collect them all !
Do you dislike your children seeing four-letter words on T-shirts ?  If you do, then try
our childsafe T-shirts and other clothing. Your children will see lots of 4-letter words,
but they'll be wholesome words like "frog" and "bear" and "lion," because our fun,
colorful clothing can actually help kids learn how to spell !
Animals alphabet T-shirt sample front.
Our alphabet clothing is designed for kids to wear, but it's also meant for parents to
wear ! Then your children will see the alphabet every time they look at you and
learning will become an adventure. Our alphabet clothing lets you play lots of ABCs,
word-guessing and spelling games with your young children because we've put the
illustrated letters of the alphabet on the fronts, while the backs of our T-shirts and
sweatshirts have the words spelled out on them.
Animals alphabet T-shirt sample back.
They make fun and unique teaching tools for parents and teachers alike. In our shop
you'll find ideas for specific spelling games using this very special clothing and we
also have colorful tote bags, pillows and more that can be used in the same way.
Make learning a fun part of each day !
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