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Kids T-shirts

Kids T-shirts come with lots of cute designs like rainbow birds, clowns, trains, Little
Red Riding Hood and more, so try some children's tees from Baby Bird Productions

Kids T-shirts are all you need when the warm weather comes, or under cozy winter sweatshirts in
cold weather, and we've got loads of great kids T-shirts to choose from for kids of all ages and sizes.
Check out our colorful designs and you'll find children's T-shirts with cheerful clowns, Mary, Mary,
Quite Contrary making her garden grow, great apes who are "gibbon" their all, the Country Mouse
and the City Mouse, purple three-headed dragons, and lots of other surprising T-shirt designs. You
can even combine our kids T-shirts with our matching baby tees and adult-sized tops to dress up
your whole family for any special event. You can also create amazing gift sets for the children in your
life by combining our kids T-shirts with our sweatshirts, hoodies and jerseys and our other gift items
like mugs, messenger bags, mouse pads, throw pillows and such, all of which you'll find with matching
designs in our shop. Some of our pictures even come from the original animated children's stories
that we sell. Below you can see some samples of our fanciful kids T-shirts, but there are many
more in our shop and they are all childsafe. You can click on the children's T-shirt pictures on this
page or you can use the link beneath this series of T-shirt pictures to view the numerous kids T-shirts
in our shop. Don't forget to browse around the other parts of our shop, as well, because we have some
special themed shop sections that have additional unique children's T-shirt designs, like alphabets
and hearts all about family love and special holiday designs, to name just a few.
Rainbow bird children's T-shirts
Let's clown around children's tees
Mary, Mary, quite contrary T-shirts
I'm gibbon my all tees
Kids T-shirts include our
colorful Native American
rainbow bird designs.
Children's tees also come
with a trio of cute friendly
clowns clowning around.
For Mother Goose fans,
we have a sunny Mary,
Mary, Quite Contrary.
Try kids tees that say,
"I'm gibbon my all !"
They're all for you !
Train engine kids T-shirts
Song bird children's T-shirts
Country Mouse kids' T-shirts
City Mouse kids' tees
All aboard the children's
T-shirt with a bright red
train engine roaring by.
Kids T-shirts are also
available with tuneful
springtime song birds.
Our children's T-shirts
come with characters
like the Country Mouse.
Or, perhaps, the City
Mouse is a better fit
for your personality.
Three-headed dragon T-shirts
Goblin in the garden children's T-shirts
Happy animals children's T-shirts
I'm a dog person kid's tees
What kid wouldn't love
to be seen in public with
a three-headed dragon ?
A kids T-shirt with a shy
goblin in the garden is
perfect for monster fans.
A children's tee with our
cheerful animal scene
will suit your little ones.
This kids tee is for every
child whose best friend
is the family canine.
Cats children's T-shirts
And they lived happily ever after kids' tees
Little Red Riding Hood short sleeve tops
Seven Dwarfs children's tops
We haven't forgotten cat
lovers, either, so check
out this colony of cats.
Kids T-shirts can never
resist happy endings like
this, from a story of ours.
Children love Little Red
Riding Hood, and so do
we, so here she is !

A children's T-shirt is the
perfect place to spot the
Seven Dwarfs on parade.
Medieval lady and the jester kids' T-shirts
Girls' baseball team T-shirts
Father and child children's tees
Cozy house kid's tees
This medieval lady and
her equally medieval
jester have a tale to tell.
Special kids T-shirts are
waiting for every girls'
baseball team to claim.
A tender father and child
scene makes the perfect 
kids T-shirt at cuddle time.
This children's T-shirt
shows the cozy house
from one of our stories.
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