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We can PERSONALIZE any gifts or clothing that you like.
Here are just a few
examples of what we can do:

Personalized gifts, Teddy bear.
For example, baby
and Teddy can wear
personalized T-shirts
with matching
pictures "bearing"
each other's names.
These personalized gift messages and more can appear on children's clothing, baby clothes and gifts.


Visit our 
Any item in our shops can be personalized for special occasions: new babies, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays -
you name it !

We can add names or special messages to personalize any item.
We can put any of our designs onto any of our products you like, even if it is not currently on a particular product. (There's no extra charge for this.)
We can create new art designs on commission, just for you, your family, your team, your co-workers, or anyone.
We can also add your own photos to personalize any clothing or gift items. We can create fundraising or promotional products for your organization.
To personalize any item or learn about prices for the personalization of products, please contact us directly at This page shows just a few examples of what we can do to create personalized gifts just for you.
•••••••••••••••••••••• When you give us the details about how you'd like to personalize your special gift items, you can even tell us which lettering style you'd like us to use, by looking at the chart below and telling us the number of the style you like.
Personalized gifts: samples of available lettering styles.
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