Animal lover gifts of children's clothing, baby clothes, stories and more.

Animal lover gifts

Animal lover gifts like mouse pads, mugs, tote bags, Teddy bears, clocks, plus
more, are available for children, babies and adults, all from Baby Bird Productions

Looking for gifts for the animal lovers on your gift list ? Are you an animal lover yourself ? You need
look no further than our shop, because we have all sorts of great animal lover gifts for everyone you
know, from babies to children of all ages, and from teenagers on up to great grandparents. Try our
animal lover gift designs, such as native American rainbow birds, the Country Mouse and the City
Mouse, hatching chicks and plenty more. They come on terrific gift items such as mugs, mouse pads,
messenger bags, tote bags, clocks, throw pillows and Teddy bears. You can put together unique gift
sets for any occasion for each and every animal lover in your life by mixing and matching our gift
items, along with our clothing that is also decorated with matching designs, in sizes from babies to
kids to adults. Here you can see a few samples of the animal lover gifts that we offer. There are lots
more in our shop. So take a look and then be sure to click on the animal product pictures that interest
you, or click on the link beneath the series of animal lover gift pictures to view ALL of the animal lover
gifts in our shop.
Rainbow bird mouse pad
Gibbon mouse pad
Mousy mouse pad
Rainbow bird mug
Animal lover gifts include
brightly colored rainbow
birds on mouse pads.
"Life's a game of gibb'on 
take !" as our wise old
gibbon can tell you.
Animal lover gifts of cute
scampering mice make
truly mousy mouse pads.
See mugs that cry out, 
"Life can be a rainbow"
to every animal lover.
Tiger mug
Cats mug
Happy animals mug
Singing bird tote bag
Animal gifts for lovers of
wildlife include this very
dramatic tiger silhouette.
See our mugs and other
fun gift ideas for all the
cat lovers you know. 
For animal lover gifts for
all the young children in
your life, try these mugs.
For unusual animal lover
gifts for springtime, try
cheerfully singing birds.
Dog lover tote bag
Cat lover tote bag
Wolf messenger bag
The Three Bears messenger bag
Dog lovers will love to
carry our "I'm a dog
person !" tote bags.
Cat lovers will love to
carry our "I'm a cat 
person !" tote bags.
Animal lover gifts with a
kind woodsman helping
an injured wolf, say it all.
The Three Bears can add
lots of fun to any special
gift-giving occasion.
Country mouse throw pillow
City Mouse throw pillow
Rock dove throw pillow
Shy bunny throw pillow
Animal lover gifts include
the Country Mouse on
items such as pillows.
The City Mouse is also 
available on many items,
so pick a pair of mice.
Animal lovers will love
our gifts with a majestic
rock dove in flight.

Young animal lovers will
enjoy our shy bunny on
a large throw pillow.
Rainbow bird Teddy bear
Hatching chick Teddy bear
Rainbow bird wall clock
Hatching chick wall clock
Animal lover gifts even
include cuddly Teddy
bears wearing T-shirts.
Our snuggly Teddy bears'
little T-shirts include this
hatching chick design.
Animal lover gifts, such as
bright colorful wall clocks,
can also be found here.
Adorable animal lover
gifts like this hatching
chick clock await you.
See all of our
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